Our Meetings: Prayer & Action

We typically meet at least once a month, but it’s up to each chapter to decide.

We open with a prayer.

From there, the meetings generally have two parts. First, a member chooses a reading either written by, or about, a Saint. We read it together, discuss and share. 

The second part of the meeting is focused on our Acts. All members nominate Acts for the group to undertake. We discuss them and vote. Once we have a chosen Act, we nominate a member to lead the planning and execution of it.

We close with a prayer.

Between Meetings: Research & Tweet

Social media is a part of our apostolate. We post and tweet regularly. Pope Francis, Saint Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and other Church leaders have all expressly encouraged Catholics to take their faith online. To, according to St JPII, “enter the great forum of the new media with courage and confidence” to “ensure the voice of the Church is not marginalized or silenced in the modern arena of media.” Good stuff. So, we post and share and encourage you too, as well—even if you’re not a member. Feel free to spread the good word by tagging any acts of love & mercy you see in the world with #RandomActsOfCatholics.


All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.
— Saint Francis of Assisi

Through our Acts, our prayers and our social media presence, let’s be candles.