Acts, Acts & More Acts (of Catholics).

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The chapters of RAOC have been busy this Advent, doing everything possible to remember ‘the reason for the season.’ The sandwich-making crew continues its weekly production line. We have made Christmas Cards for the lonely. Celebrated the 2nd Annual RAOC Christmas Bash with donations for the kids at the Gurap School in Kolkata, India. Took post-turkey walks and hikes to raise money for Mary’s Meals, the organization that feeds 1.4 million kids a day in the most impoverished countries. Stocked the Saint Vincent de Paul food pantry with canned items. Delivered care packages of toiletries to the homeless. Worked the Saint Ignatius Shelter Meals kitchen preparing food for the various shelters and soup kitchens it serves. And we have set up the Advent Tree at OLMC with stars that represent each of the children of the Gurap School with the hopes people will select one and sponsor a child for the whole year (which also can be done by signing up here: Keep in mind as you, in any part of your life, share and give and help, you are doing something amazing. Henri Nouwen says “God is a generous God. Our giving is a partnering with Him in that generosity.” Partnering with God. Wow. Keep up the good work, people. God Bless all this Christmas.