Putting On The Armor (& Apron) Of God.

shelter meals Dec2.jpg


Thanks to an incredibly thoughtful and generous gift (by a beloved family member 3,000 miles away) RAOC members have spiffy new aprons and were able to donate new aprons to our friends at Saint Ignatius Shelter Meals. The logo is blended into the palette of the apron because the donor commented “it reflects the humility of the organization—you guys are like the ink. You show up, but don’t stand out.” We had a great turnout and cranked on veggies, fruit salad, mashed potatoes and of course, clean up. The lively work helps a great cause and is good for our souls as well. As Thomas Kempis relays in The Imitation of Christ, “it is good to flee to humble, bodily labor and to exercise yourself in good outward works.” Sums up the whole reason for RAOC nicely.